About Us

Philadelphia Digital Investment Banking & Capital Trust

was created with the marketplace needs in mind. Our services provide what our customers are looking for:

Profits to our investors with minimal risks

Growth to our business market customers

We are specialized in investments with capital 100% protected ​​

The benefits to our customers are:

​To investors

– High and unparalleled profitability;
– 100% guaranteed capital;
– The confidence of having a specialized team taking care of your investment;
– Low-risk investments generating better results over time.

​To ​​SMEs

– Specialized management made by qualified professionals;
– Professionalism, expertise and optimization of the company’s processes, products and resources;
– With capital directed correctly, the possibilities of growth, innovation and remarkable success are real.

But what is the visibility of SMES in the global business market?

Statistics show that the formal Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute up to 60% of employment and up to 40% of national incomes (GDP) in the entire world.

Still, according to many researches around the world and our (business) experiences, the attention and resources given to SMEs is not enough if compared to what is necessary. The processes are highly informal, and the goals can hardly be achieved due to the lack of resources.

Due to these facts, the Philadelphia Digital Investment Banking & Capital Trust purpose is to bring what is most important to SMEs: advisory and financial resources. This is what we do – and we do it with excellence – bringing capital, formality and specialized management to SMEs.

Moreover, Philadelphia Investment Bank also works with investors by linking their investments to the right companies. And most importantly, we work to bring confidence to investors and SMEs’ executives. How? We reduce investment risks to almost zero!

Our proposals are guided by our mission, vision and values.


We intend to become a solid bridge in the world – between how we do business today and how we will do in the future. Mainly through management and connection with the companies in which we invest, mitigating risks for investors. We want to reach about 0.1% of the demand-side market for SMEs, managing around $ 1.2 billion of what is invested in these companies, without neglecting new ways of dealing with new currency formats, such as bitcoin.


We will achieve our mission by improving and qualifying the structure and processes of SMEs and centralizing the management under our control. Thus, we can reduce the risks of these companies and present them to our best investors. With a constant repetition of this model of work, we can reach our greatest visions.


To create new sources of investment for investors and, at the same time, improve small and medium-sized enterprises by professionalizing them, so that they can be seen as serious and growth-oriented companies. Thereby, we can make investments and capitalization of these companies so that they can grow, generate jobs, meet the demands of global growth and still improve the economic and social perspective of people benefiting from SMEs.


We will achieve our goals respecting, above all, the laws and regulations of each country. We seek to work in a bold and enterprising way, but within all existing regulations. If necessary, we will strive to change the regulations, always seeking the good of our customers.